Apex (Asian)

Applying two coats of Apex after one coat Ext. Primer as base coat.

Enamel (Asian)

Applying two coats of Enamel after treating the surface with Red-oxide / primer, putty etc.

White Wash

Applying two coats of White Wash.


Applying 2 coats of OBD.


Removing the existing plaster up to Brick/Block/RCC, carting away the debris, re-plastering it in two coats with cement mortar 1:4 Cement: Sand mixed with W/P compound by weight of cement. 7 days curing.

Plastering (Internal) POP finish

Removing the existing plaster up to Brick/Block/RCC, carting away the debris, re-plastering it in one coat cement mortar 1:4 Cement: Sand 3 days curing.

Dash Coat

Applying 1 coat of dash coat on uneven area of wall after removing of plaster.

Plumbing PVC

Removing the existing drain pipes and cart away, providing and fixing new 1st quality (ISI) make Supreme / Prince pipes and fittings for drainage lines on GI brackets 50mm away from ext. plaster, which include Tees, Bends, "Y's connectors, Shoe etc., along with filling gabdas complete.

Galvanized Iron G. I. Water Line

Removing the existing damage G. I. Line providing and fixing 'C Class' Tata / Zenith (ISI) pipes for terrace and external wall with ISI fittings on GI clamps away 50mm form wall.

RCC Polymer Repairs

Removing the existing loose Concrete. Cleaning the reinforcement with wire brush, applying rust remover with brush. After 24 hrs. Applying rust inhibitor and cement slurry in 1:1.5, polymer with cement by brush and covering the steel with Polymer Modified Mortar in 1:5:15 Polymer: cement: quartz sand up to 10-12mm thick in one coat. Curing for 5 days.

Joint Stitching

Opening the separation gaps between RCC & Brick junction filling the same with mortar mixed with polymer. & metal to be embedded.


Providing and grouting honey comb area of bricks, RCC etc.

Tor Steel

Providing & fixing in position tor steel bar reinforcements of various dia for coping chajjas etc.


Providing & Laying RCC coping on terrace parapet in M150 (1:2:4) Note: cost of steel will be separate.


Removing the existing damage concrete, treating the steel and surface providing and laying Concrete M-20 1:1½: 3 including shuttering, proper finishing, curing etc. but (excluding reinforcement.)

Chajja W/P / Lift Machine Top / O.H. Tank Top

Removing the existing chajja waterproofing up to slab, providing and applying w/p coat followed by brickbat coba and IPS, curing for 7 days.

Terrace Waterproofing

Removing the entire existing Waterproofing up to slab level. Filling the cracks with polymer Modified Mortar. Providing & applying two coats waterproof coating on entire surface. Ponding with 100mm deep water for 12 hours to identify defects in the slab providing and laying Brick Bat Coba with cement mortar mixed with 1: 4. Curing for 7 days & laying IPS over BBC in 1:4 mortars mixed with waterproofing compound by weight of cement. Ponding with water for further testing the Waterproofing work. Providing & laying broken glazed tiles for finishing in multi-color (I.e. China Mosaic Chips). VATA will be charged in Rft. Final testing with water for 12-14 days.

Tank Waterproofing

Removing the existing tank waterproofing up to RCC, providing and applying w/p coat followed by brickbat coba / IPS / plaster, curing for 5 days. (Plumbing diversion will be charged extra.)

Texture Coating Contractors in Mumbai

Texture Coating

Textures hides hairline cracks, filled cracks and undulations It has strong adhesion, and resists fungus and algae growth.